The Imagine Project, Inc

Imagine Ambassador shares his story

Imagine Ambassador, Joey, speaks with local Marlborough cable station about his experience supporting our Happy Holidays for our Heroes event. Joey and his siblings have been supporting Imagine since it started working with Veterans in 2010. Imagine is so grateful to currently have 17 Ambassadors between the ages of 8-17. See the complete video

Imagine supports their first family

Imagine was very fortunate to meet David, his wife and their four children living in separate shelters for many months.  They needed everything to get started in their new home, from Minion blankets to purple towels Imagine was able to meet all their needs!

His first home in 7 years

What an honor to support Jim with everything for his kitchen, bath and bed at his his beautiful new place.  Special thanks to our Ambassador Anna for helping Jim get settled.  A tailor by trade, Imagine got Jim a sewing machine, he now happily hems and repairs clothes for his neighbors!