The Imagine Project, Inc

Korean Veteran getting his own place

Congratulations John on moving into your own place after living in a shelter for too long.  We are so happy to be sending you a new bed, blankets and pillows and everything else you need in a move-in kit for your new home!  We wish you love and peace, thank you for your service.

Imagine supports our 3rd Veteran in Northboro

Thanks to our collaboration with the Marlborough VSO, we were able to support DM with everything needed for his new apartment in Northboro!  Dishes, cookware, bath items, utensils, towels and other housewares were delivered this week.  Sending you love & gratitude !

Imagine supports a Veteran with curtains

When we received a referral for supporting a Veteran with some curtains, we we so happy to help.  Reggie didn’t need much, but he was struggling to make ends meet and it was either getting curtains to limit the draft in his apartment, or paying for the heat.  We are so fortunate to help Veterans...
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Imagine supports our 3rd Marlborough Veteran

In partnership with our local Veterans Services Officer, Imagine welcomed Chris to Marlborough!  After sleeping on an air mattress for much too long, a new bed, sheets, blankets and complete move-in kit helped Chris get settled in his new home!  #LoveourVets
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